About Us

Welcome to MARS Solutions Training

Today’s job market is getting harder and harder day by day, In order to capture opportunity and to take Bangladesh to a greater height, we need to utilize the value of our human resources to its optimum level.

It is the people, their devotion, dedication, maturity, efficiency and productivity that can make a nation successful and well established in the world. MARS Solutions is determined to create skilled human resources and capture the opportunities in the country and abroad.

With an objective of contributing to the socio-economic development of the nation, MARS Solutions is committed to turn these enthusiastic people into capable, efficient and productive human resources so that Bangladesh can create its impression as the most valuable source of human resources in the world.


Vision of MARS Solutions Training

This is an example of an image in today's dynamic and competitive marketplace. Learning is a vital to corporate growth and resilience. The faster your learning programs empower employees, customers and partners with relevant knowledge and competence, the better the growth and resilience will be.

Our "Training Program" strategy, built on our expertise in consulting, technology and outsourcing to help trainee to perform at the highest level, they can understand and implement their acquired education on relevant sector. Using our training knowledge, service-offering expertise and technology capabilities, we identify trainee’s expertise and guide them to find right direction:


- Assist personnel to develop the business and organizational skills.

- Deliver our products and services more effectively and efficiently.

- Provide job oriented training for a large number of manpower according to the market demand.

- Improve operational performance.



The mission of MARS Solutions Training is to assist personnel to develop the business and organizational skills that will make them more professional, more enriched and more efficient for the organizational excellence.



MARS Solutions Training is uniquely and exclusively focused on delivering a broad range of customer and HR solutions, backed by technology, business analytics and consulting services that help create valuable relationships between our trainee and trainer. We help trainee recruit, serve and retain customers and employees using innovative technologies that increase efficiency, satisfaction, loyalty and workforce effectiveness with a decreasing cost.


Training & Development Services:


- Call Center Training

- Workshop / Seminar

- In house Training

- Corporate Training

- Examination of International Vendor Certifications

- National and International Conferences on Professional Development